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Our Mission

The Neon Group unites neon manufacturers, distributors, tube benders, designers and sign professionals to advocate the positive attributes of neon and protect the interests of all involved in our industry.

Through advocacy and education, we raise awareness and present the facts about neon lighting to convince those in the sign and architectural lighting industries that neon, as well as cold cathode, are valuable, viable and cost effective lighting systems.

Together, we help end-users make informed decisions and get what they expect from their lighting system.

See for yourself that neon is a valuable and superior lighting system. Visit our Knowledge Center for articles and data, including an energy consumption calculator, that prove it.


“By creating a united front, we are protecting the interests of the neon trades, educating a misinformed public and promoting awareness of neon as a superior lighting system.”

- Loren Hudson, Hudson & Hudson Neon, Inc.


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