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Members of The Neon Group represent the many facets of the American tradition that is neon, from the artisans who create with it to the engineers who perfect its efficiency and expand its applications. When you become a member, you support our mission and build cooperative efforts to advocate neon’s positive attributes to the sign industry. Download our Membership Application.

Professional Networking and Promotion
  • Inclusion in the detailed Membership Directory — contact and be contacted
  • Online link to your business website
  • Access to informational brochures to arm your sales staff and educate your customers on the value
    of neon
  • Use of The Neon Group logo and promotional items to strengthen your affiliation with the organization

Industry Updates, Education and Member News

  • Advanced notification of trade shows, including opportunities to exhibit
  • View latest advertising campaigns and efforts
  • Help develop educational workshops and curriculum to educate the public about neon
  • Contribute experimental data, graphs and scientific findings as well as personal and customer testimonials regarding the benefits of neon
  • Contribute content to the online Knowledge Center
  • Access to members-only news — contribute your stories

Organization Involvement

  • Serve on the Board of Directors (Executive members only)
  • Voting privileges (Executive and Corporate members only)

Financial Savings

  • Reduce your tax obligation with your tax deductible annual dues*

*Annual membership dues to The Neon Group, a 501(c)6 organization, are tax deductible as a business expense. See your tax accountant for further details.

Where Does the $ Go?

Your annual dues help support your stake in the neon industry by helping to pay for advertising in trade magazines that reach sign builders and specifiers as well as artists, architects and engineers. Your dues also help produce the tools you need, like promotional items and literature, to help promote The Neon Group from inside your company. Dues help offset the cost for research and educational curriculum that The Neon Group conducts and develops to help teach consumers the value of neon.

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